Everyday’s A Good Day When You Paint

Came across this photo in my Instagram feed of my favorite subject, and knew I wanted to draw it. I posted the progress, and when an artist whose work I admire an awful fucking lot told me he was looking forward to seeing how it turned out… PANIC. And then… inspiration and motivation.   (Click to embiggen) I know I say this about every piece, but this is honestly my favorite painting that I’ve ever done. You can see it take shape on Instagram, either by... Read More

The Sweetest Surprise

“I’m so happy, think I could cry Then the moment is lost to the sky In the silence something is heard Brings us back down crashing to earth Heaven is a place No one lied It’s rushing through your veins Flooding your eye…” Listening to: Jack Peñate – No One Lied (Single)  Read More