Weekly Pug #4

To make up for the lack of actual “weekly” updates of pug photos lately, I thought I’d give you a downloadable wallpaper! Hooray Read More  Read More


This last weekend was my birthday weekend. My hot lady friend, Evelyn got me 2 tickets to a wine tasting festival she was volunteering at, so I called my sister Nikki up and told her we were going to be grown-up and fancy for my birthday. Read More  Read More


My Dad and I share the same birthday (Oct. 18). When I was a kid, I didn’t mind sharing, we’d get a cake and put 37 candles in the shape of a 9. As I got older, I’d rather spend the day with friends, but now it’s almost as though I’ve come full circle. Well, I’ll still spend an evening with friends, but my Dad and I always at least go to dinner together for our birthday Read More  Read More