Pierogi Kind of Day

Today I made vegan pierogies for lunch; following this recipe, with a couple of alterations. Read More  Read More

New Design Is Up!

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I stayed up and decided that if I was going to be upgrading to the new version of WordPress; I may as well revamp the design of my blog :). The header will be changing soon, but for now I think the new design suits my personality a lot more than the old one. I can haz grown-up looking sitez LULZ! In other news, when I came home from the Dr.’s office yesterday – completely happy-frappy thanks to Acetaminophen with Codeine –... Read More

Package In The Mail, I Hope It’s From A Female

About a month ago, I entered a Product Body contest on Grey’s blog and the package finally arrived today! It instantly brightened a day of migraines (which means a chinook is coming) and wearing sunglasses indoors. Read More  Read More