Rapa Nui

“Sometimes I see my profile in a window, and I think to myself, ‘God, I look like an Easter Island statue.'”   You really shouldn’t tell me these things:   Listening to: Swashbuckle – Crewed by the Damned: Nautical Nonsense  Read More

Grungy Louise

(Click to embiggen!)   Happy Birthday, Sarah Louise :). Check out her tumblr, it’s full of magical vegan things. We have powers you know. And wear crystals. And we have all of our vitamins, thanks for asking :P. Listening to: Hurts – Happiness: Better Than Love (Acoustic)  Read More

Memories And Social Media

It started raining today, which canceled most of my plans, so I pulled out my old sketchbook to see just how rusty I’ve become. It’s all become too easy to just hammer out illustrations on my Wacom, but I find myself unattached to my work. I missed using a pencil and smudging the hell out of everything with my fingers. I missed having a long streak of graphite up my left arm, because that’s the trade-off for being sinister. I had a lot of fun. You’ll see... Read More