Soul Train Sushi

I first met these two at a party where I did not want to talk to anyone I hadn’t already met. But, a friend insisted I head across the room to a table where a couple was sitting and… after a couple of drinks, I readily agreed.

Best forced friendship making, since I was forced to make nice with a girl who pointed and laughed at me when my pants fell to my ankles, as I was scaling the monkey bars in the 3rd grade. Hey, it was the ’90s, and TLC was huge:

“Hat 2 da back, I gotta kick my pants down real low. That’s the kinda girl I am…”

Since Julia and Steven first met at The Ship & Anchor Pub, I thought it would be lovely to include it as one of the locations for their engagement session. We shot these on the last day before the first snowfall hit:


Duggins MacGregor 1013 2

Duggins MacGregor 1013 4

Duggins MacGregor 1013 5

Duggins MacGregor 1013 9

Duggins MacGregor 1013 12

Duggins MacGregor 1013 10

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“Remember, if you get my feet in this photo, you’re not getting paid.”

Listening to: Adam Ant – Wonderful: Wonderful