It’s been a while.

I remember when I first started blogging. I hated the word “blog,” and refused to call it that for years. In general, I’m not a very big fan of portmanteaus and silly-sounding abbreviations. I shudder when people, especially those my age say things like, “lippie” for lipstick, or “whatevs,” and my number one pet peeve: “preggo” and “preggers” for someone expecting a child.

Just typing them, make me wince in disgust.

When I first started keeping an online journal, I wrote in it nearly every day. I didn’t have much of an audience, maybe a couple of good friends, but that didn’t stop me from documenting my life on the regular. It was a way of keeping in touch with people that I had moved away from, and therapeutic when I was having a bad day. I posted photos, drawings, embarrassing love poems and basically anything I used to write down in my analog diary. It was so much more fun writing, knowing that at least one or two people would see it, rather than just me.

So, occasionally I flip through this blog and feel bad for not updating as much as I used to. Other platforms are just so much more convenient, thoughts are condensed in to 140 characters, rather than spending the day gathering my reflections before sitting in front of my laptop and typing them out with much proofreading and careful phrase folding. If writing for a couple of friends was fun, writing for a couple hundred was even more so. But I always come back here, because here is a place that is all mine. I coded it, I run it, I don’t have to worry about censorship or getting kicked off for posting nudes or sailor speak; it’s mine.

And if I’m the only one that sees it, well, that’s okay. But everyone is welcome. I’m going to try to write in here more often. That’s not a New Year Resolution. 😉

To keep my bursts of creativity going, I started a series on Instagram called, “Unflattering Portraits.” Inspired by the ones that the Oatmeal does occasionally; I wanted to draw people as mythical creatures, cephalopods, blood sucking succubi, sticks of butter, etc. Initially, they started out as rough sketches that were quickly colored on my tablet and done within half an hour. Then, I decided to do a set with more care taken for the coloring and line work. As I started to fall back in love with getting my hands smudgy in my sketchbook, I moved the series on to paper. In a way, it’s very similar to my progression with my creative photography:

(click to embiggen and see descriptions!)

I do these about once a month, and they’re so much fun. I’m starting to not worry so much that the subjects will get offended and hate their “unflattering” portraits, since the response has been positive so far. And, I’m getting the hang of having a reference photo that’s only an 2×2″, hehe.

Listening to: Naïmah Muhammad: Reverie – Wolf and I

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