Three unrelated photos in chronological order:

My eye makeup is four hours old, and I have no lipstick on (just lip smackers lip balm), yet stephan still manages to make me look fancy :) or enervated and a little drunk. either or. I can’t wait to see the rest of his photos. We shot this and more yesterday in the rolling hills of North Western calgary. he said no one ever went there and that it was virtually empty most of the time. of course, the moment i change in to outfit #2 and am going from strappy bra to strapless bra, I totally expose a jogger lady whom, at the sight of my unfettered breasts went running in the opposite direction.

tracy‘s last status update read “cupcake coma”, which got me craving tiffane’s, so i went in the kitchen and made strawberry shortcake cupcakes with buttercream frosting. my sister took one look at them and said they looked like boobs. hmm, perhaps the two photos aren’t so unrelated. and lastly:

this made my week/year/life. i <3 mr. william robinson jr. :)

Listening to: X-Mal Deutschland – Viva: Manchmal

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