Pierogi Kind of Day

Today I made vegan pierogies for lunch; following this recipe, with a couple of alterations.

I didn’t have any soy margarine on hand, so I used walnut oil and instead of serving cabbages and onions on the side; I sautéed the onions with chopped garlic and added it to the potato filling. I didn’t have any sour cream, which is normally served with these. The dipping sauce is Vegenaise, Blair’s Mega Death Sauce, Nutritional Yeast and chopped green onions. Spicy B12 bomb! Also, I used fresh potatoes instead of potato flakes. The results?



(Click to embiggen)

Definitely not the prettiest dumplings in the room, but I think for my first try, they don’t look completely terrible! The important thing is how they tasted (awesome). Now I have plenty of leftovers for dinner and late night boozery.

Listening to: Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit: Another Sunny Day

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