Memories And Social Media

It started raining today, which canceled most of my plans, so I pulled out my old sketchbook to see just how rusty I’ve become. It’s all become too easy to just hammer out illustrations on my Wacom, but I find myself unattached to my work. I missed using a pencil and smudging the hell out of everything with my fingers. I missed having a long streak of graphite up my left arm, because that’s the trade-off for being sinister. I had a lot of fun. You’ll see more of these over the summer:


This is based off a photo I took of Kaji when we hung out by ourselves for the first time. Which, five years later, he still uses as his default profile photo :P. We’re from the same town, but we met on MySpace (no, I don’t have an account anymore) and we’ve been homies ever since. On this day, he had just picked me up from SFO, took me to a diner for breakfast where I couldn’t eat anything and then I think we drove around the Hayward hills for a while. Later that week, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, then a party at a scary guy’s house where someone handed me an edible, which; after being illegal-substance-free for over a year (I was trying to be a responsible adult!), hit me like a Mack Truck. Kaji took my being a nutjob in his car afterward in stride. “WHY AM I VIBRATING?! HAHAHA, BABY JUICE!”


Thanks for being awesome, sending me authentic Russian hats, keeping me company and sending me my Sonic Temple album five years after leaving it in your car. xoxoxoxo



Listening to: Caravan Palace – Panic: Pirates

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