Demanding Rockstars and 18 Hour Art Attacks

Inspiration is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you when you’re busy fleshing out other ideas, and once it does, you attack your work like someone possessed. I had a vague idea of how this was going to turn out after doing the rough pencil sketch:


But once I started coloring, it was another story. Over a month later, a laptop crash (yes, Macs crash. It happens!) and a total of about 18 hours sitting at my writing desk with my tablet in my lap; this happened:

Original photo reference here (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a photo credit. If someone knows, please tell me!). If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this slowly take shape. Zander Bleck and his band, found me on Draw Something a couple of months ago and he’s been demanding pieces – not drawn with my index finger on a 2″ screen – from me ever since. So bossy! I do what I want :). It helps that he’s nice about it. And that I really, really like his music. I dig music! I am a Golden God! I’m on— oh, wait. Anyway, you can watch his music video here. I won’t embed it, because I don’t think they get views that way.


Prints are available! Email me for details.


P.S. Click the photos to embiggen.


P.P.S. Bonus GIF! I took screenshots of the progress, and I animated them so you could get an idea of the process:


Listening to: Zander Bleck – Temptation (Single): Temptation

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