Giving Face

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it. I figured it was high time I updated my default photo, as well as my blog banner, since I never really liked either very much. I also wanted a photo that I felt best represented what it is exactly that I do, without being overly literal:


Portrait of the Artist At Age 28

(Click to embiggen)

Photo geeks: I used a 50mm 1.8 lens, and two Visatec solos along with available window light. One solo had a softbox, the other a honeycomb grid and diffuser; both aimed at my face. The trickiest part was remembering how the paper lined up with my face so that my eyes and nostril weren’t out of alignment. It took about 25 frames to get the right shot.

Makeup geeks: I wanted strong eyes as the main focus, so I opted for a dark, violet-black smoky eye using Sugarpill‘s Poison Plum underneath Bulletproof. Layered over that is Fyrinnae‘s Pixie Epoxy with Alchemist’s Curse. Everything is highlighted with a combination of Sugarpill’s Tako, and Wet N’ Wild‘s Vanity Palette. To line my eyes, I used IN2IT‘s waterproof eyeliner in black and MUFE‘s Y2K pencil with Tako patted on top. For top lashes, I used Too Faced‘s Lash Injection with Kiss No. 3 Lashes. On the bottom lashes, I used Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Primer with more Too Faced Lash Injection over top. My eyebrows are Benefit‘s Brown brow powder, in the lighter shade.

Since I had such intense eye makeup on, I wanted my lips to be neutral, so I opted for my favorite OCC lip tar; Memento. Blush is Hard Candy baked Blush Crush in Living Doll, using a combination of Sugarpill’s Lumi as a highlight with Benefit’s High Beam. For contour, I used Fyrinnae’s Powder Bronzer in Matte Medium.

For face, since I have a bit of a tan from my recent trip to Southern California; I used a combination of MUFE’s HD concealers in No. 8 (which is my go-to for most of the year) and No. 10. For under-eye concealer I used’s Annabelle‘s BB Skin Retouching Crayon. Since I set everything with silica powder, I opted to not use flash photography (lest I look like the Ghost Of Coke Party Past).

I then rubbed VCO all over myself, so that my skin would glow. I do that regardless of whether or not I’m taking self-portraits.

My tanktop is from Dynamite, my AURYN necklace is from‘s Etsy store, and one of my bracelets is a gift from 6Streets. The other jewelry were also gifts that are very old, so I couldn’t tell you where they’re from.

Listening to: Echo & The Bunnymen – More Songs To Learn & Sing: Lips Like Sugar

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