• Is your name “Tiffany” or “Tea?” Why do you go by “Tea?” I don’t understand!

My name is Tiffany :). “Tea” is my first initial; since my friends and I tend to call each other by our first initials, followed by a description. So I get called T-Money, Little T, etc. When I told a friend I didn’t like being called a letter, he told me, “no, not the letter. Tea, as in the drink. Warm and inviting, or cool and refreshing!” Nerdy but sweet :).

  • How did you learn how to draw?

I’m mostly an autodidact. I used to look at things all the time and wonder how it would look if I drew it. I loved nothing more than spending hours coloring. The best advice I got was from my 9th grade art teacher who would get visibly upset if he couldn’t see more than five gradating tones in your piece. And that was to picture everything as shadows, light and shapes when you’re drawing. I use the same philosophy when I’m composing photographs. And Bob Ross taught me that I could always cheer myself up by including a couple of happy little trees.

  • What medium is your favorite?

Although I haven’t used them in ages, I love using chalk pastels. A close second would be pen and ink. Most of the drawings you see on my site (with a couple of exceptions) were inked and scanned prior to coloring using a Wacom tablet.

  • What camera should I get?

If you want to get in to photography, most any entry level DSLR kit will do. I own Canon equipment simply because at the time, I had no clue what to get and it seemed like a lot of the photographers I admired either used Canon or some brand that would cost you a down payment on a three bedroom house in suburbia. Since the former seemed more within my price range, that’s where I went. Nikon and Pentax are equally reputable brands. If you’re on a budget, Pentax makes comparable lenses to Canon and Nikon at a fraction of the price.

And while I have a distaste for gear bragging, I also find myself just as curious as most about what some tote in their bags. My main camera is a Canon 7D, and I shoot 80% of my photos with a 50 mm f1.8, and the rest with a 17-40 f4. While I mostly use natural/available light in my photographs, I also have been known to use a 580 EX II, and two Visatec Solos. I also like to DIY, so you may see me with a roll of Aluminium Foil, bristol board reflectors, and old film canisters as flash diffusers.

  • Why don’t you eat meat? It’s delicious. Do you have something against being on top of the food chain?

Please see this post :)

  • Well, I like this vegan recipe you posted! Can I post it in my blog too?
For non-commercial purposes, I don’t mind at all if people repost my recipes (and thank you for doing so!) or repost any of my entries. I do ask however, that you do not repost the entire entry. Please feel free to copy the first paragraph and then link back to my blog entry. Also, do not hot link my images. If you would like to repost one of my images, please upload it to your own server and link back to my blog or website.

For commercial use, please email me directly.

  • I like this illustration! Can I get it tattooed?
Oh my God, YES. Do it! Send me pictures too!
  • Why aren’t you on Facebook?

Spite :)