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Soul Train Sushi

I first met these two at a party where I did not want to talk to anyone I hadn’t already met. But, a friend insisted I head across the room to a table where a couple was sitting and… after a couple of drinks, I readily agreed. Best forced friendship making, since I was forced […]

daily life

Portrait of the Artist At Age 28

Giving Face

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it. I figured it was high time I updated my default photo, as well as my blog banner, since I never really liked either very much. I also wanted a photo that I felt best represented what it is exactly that I do, without being overly […]

Zander Bleck, June 2013

Everyday’s A Good Day When You Paint

Came across this photo in my Instagram feed of my favorite subject, and knew I wanted to draw it. I posted the progress, and when an artist whose work I admire an awful fucking lot told me he was looking forward to seeing how it turned out… PANIC. And then… inspiration and motivation.   (Click […]

Little Blondies, 2

Clarke Ranch

Today has been rainy and delightfully grey. I love days like this, personally, because rain means the city is getting a glossy, emerald green makeover; courtesy of Mother Nature. So what if my allergies are laughing in the face of my gamut of antihistamines? Here are some of my favorite shots from last week, when […]