Soul Train Sushi

I first met these two at a party where I did not want to talk to anyone I hadn’t already met. But, a friend insisted I head across the room to a table where a couple was sitting and… after a couple of drinks, I readily agreed. Best forced friendship making, since I was forced to make nice with a girl who pointed and laughed at me when my pants fell to my ankles, as I was scaling the monkey bars in the 3rd grade. Hey, it was the ’90s,... Read More

The Sweetest Surprise

“I’m so happy, think I could cry Then the moment is lost to the sky In the silence something is heard Brings us back down crashing to earth Heaven is a place No one lied It’s rushing through your veins Flooding your eye…” Listening to: Jack Peñate – No One Lied (Single)  Read More

Nikki & Mike

  We had to reschedule this shoot 3 times due to inclement weather. On the day of shooting, the weather was still, well, inclement, but we decided to go out anyway. After driving around for a couple of hours in the swirling snow, we got to Banff and the sky cleared up just long enough for us to get some neat photos:   Read More  Read More