Just Me

For most of my adult life, while I’ve been generally comfortable with the way I look; I still have insecurities about my physical appearance. My forehead is large, so since I was 18, I have almost always had a fringe. I have a small chin, and my jawline all but disappears whenever I weigh more than 110 lbs, so I’m constantly aware of what side of my face I’m presenting when I’m at an event where cameras are present. I have... Read More

Someone Else’s Lens

(Click to embiggen!) Shot at dusk behind the Sobey’s grocery store near my house. Across the street is a bar, where Stephan and I were heckled until we changed locations. Hard to believe that we’ve been doing this since 2006. But it’s true: I love my friends and I love my life. Not that I wouldn’t welcome change, but I’m so much more relaxed and happy than I was in the photo from 2006. Goodnight :). Listening to:... Read More

Everyday’s A Good Day When You Paint

Came across this photo in my Instagram feed of my favorite subject, and knew I wanted to draw it. I posted the progress, and when an artist whose work I admire an awful fucking lot told me he was looking forward to seeing how it turned out… PANIC. And then… inspiration and motivation.   (Click to embiggen) I know I say this about every piece, but this is honestly my favorite painting that I’ve ever done. You can see it take... Read More

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