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Soul Train Sushi

I first met these two at a party where I did not want to talk to anyone I hadn’t already met. But, a friend insisted I head across the room to a table where a couple was sitting and… after a couple of drinks, I readily agreed. Best forced friendship making, since I was forced […]

daily life

Elbow Falls

Elbow Falls

Spent the day walking around Bragg Creek and Elbow Falls today. There aren’t too many gorgeous sunny days like this and when it’s a balmy 75º; I do my best to soak it up as much as possible. Here are some quick photos. I’ll post the film ones as soon as I get them developed […]



I know what you’re thinking. “A vegan hosting a barbecue‽ That sounds like the punch line of a cruel joke.” Something like, “Mashed potatoes without gravy is like a vegan hosting a barbecue!” Well, I did it anyway.


Nikki & Mike

  We had to reschedule this shoot 3 times due to inclement weather. On the day of shooting, the weather was still, well, inclement, but we decided to go out anyway. After driving around for a couple of hours in the swirling snow, we got to Banff and the sky cleared up just long enough […]