Heart On My Sleeve

It’s hard for me to delve in to my personal life on this blog. Meet me in person, and I’m an open book, but trying to put my innermost feelings here has always resulted in anxiety. But I want to talk about Fergie, because I loved him. Love him still, and love him forever. Breathe. These last few weeks without him have been tumultuous. He was a huge part of my life, my soul-mate… my ever-present, happy fat darling snoring in the... Read More

Hidden Treasures

Sometimes, you find amazing photographic treasures in memory cards you thought you had formatted. Here’s a couple: Click to embiggen (as usual)! Not surprised about the last one, as Fergie is usually the little guy that occupies the last frame in most of my memory cards and 35mm rolls. Merry Christmas! Listening to: The Muppets Soundtrack – Rowlf the Dog, Sam the Eagle, Link Hogthrob and Beaker: Smells Like Teen Spirit  Read More

Anju, Partytime and Sabering

Last night was the last Yelp Elite Party of the year. Hosted by Wendy P. and Anju Restaurant; it was a decadent night of fancy Matcha Green-Tinis (which convinced me they were good for you), adorable bartenders, piano jams by a lovely lady named Joanna, Korean Fusion – OMG, fusion food that isn’t terrible! – and mysterious snacks Wendy procured from T&T (Calgary’s version of 99 Ranch). I’ve been to almost every... Read More

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