Someone Else’s Lens

(Click to embiggen!) Shot at dusk behind the Sobey’s grocery store near my house. Across the street is a bar, where Stephan and I were heckled until we changed locations. Hard to believe that we’ve been doing this since 2006. But it’s true: I love my friends and I love my life. Not that I wouldn’t welcome change, but I’m so much more relaxed and happy than I was in the photo from 2006. Goodnight :). Listening to:... Read More

The Sketch-A-Day Project

Back in October, I launched in to a self-imposed sketch-a-day project. The rules were made up as I went along, but the initial plan was to try to draw someone at least once a day from one of their photos on Instagram. I have a good grip of unfinished sketches from over the years; comic book ideas, doodles, pieces started at the beginning of a relationship that I couldn’t finish after we broke up, etc.   So, I had to make sure that once... Read More

Lashes On, Fouboutins and I Just Blew Out My Hair

Once a year (except for last year) Stephan from Studio Bella and I get together, for an afternoon of lady posing around different parts of town. He took the photos of me on the about pages of both the blog, and my portfolio site. One year, I wore my fanciest frillies in -15º. Another year, I flashed a jogger after Stephan assured me that “no one else is at the park!” This year we went to one of Calgary’s newest parks, Ralph Klein... Read More

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