A Guide To Feeding Your Vegan Friends

  Thoughts? See the new URL? Look for that site to be opening up in the very near future!   xoxo,   Tea   Listening to: The Bamboos – Rawville: The Bamboos Theme      Read More

Grungy Louise

(Click to embiggen!)   Happy Birthday, Sarah Louise :). Check out her tumblr, it’s full of magical vegan things. We have powers you know. And wear crystals. And we have all of our vitamins, thanks for asking :P. Listening to: Hurts – Happiness: Better Than Love (Acoustic)  Read More

The Weekend of Non-Stop Pizzas

Being Vegan; one of the things I miss is being able to go to any fast food restaurant with my friends, to scarf down junk until I am uncomfortable. And living in Calgary, Vegan Pizza, and more specifically, Vegan Pizza with cheese (and good cheese); is almost impossible to find. I’m sorry, but while I appreciate Daiya’s Tapioca Mozzarella Shreds, I don’t really like it on my pizza. When it bakes and melts in to the sauce,  it imparts... Read More

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