It’s been a while.

I remember when I first started blogging. I hated the word “blog,” and refused to call it that for years. In general, I’m not a very big fan of portmanteaus and silly-sounding abbreviations. I shudder when people, especially those my age say things like, “lippie” for lipstick, or “whatevs,” and my number one pet peeve: “preggo” and “preggers” for someone expecting a child. Just typing... Read More

Everyday’s A Good Day When You Paint

Came across this photo in my Instagram feed of my favorite subject, and knew I wanted to draw it. I posted the progress, and when an artist whose work I admire an awful fucking lot told me he was looking forward to seeing how it turned out… PANIC. And then… inspiration and motivation.   (Click to embiggen) I know I say this about every piece, but this is honestly my favorite painting that I’ve ever done. You can see it take... Read More

The Sketch-A-Day Project

Back in October, I launched in to a self-imposed sketch-a-day project. The rules were made up as I went along, but the initial plan was to try to draw someone at least once a day from one of their photos on Instagram. I have a good grip of unfinished sketches from over the years; comic book ideas, doodles, pieces started at the beginning of a relationship that I couldn’t finish after we broke up, etc.   So, I had to make sure that once... Read More

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